Hacking the Magna Carta!
Monday July 13th 2015 AND/OR Tuesday July 14th 2015

University of Lincoln, MHT Building, 3rd Floor, Lab C (MC3205)
  • Civic rights and freedoms in the digital age
  • Magna Carta for the digital age 2015
  • Digital Democracy
  • Human Rights
  • Citizen Participation
  • Exploring the Magna Carta through art
  • Heritage and the Crown
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We formed two teams at the hackfest, and built two fabulous prototypes. Summarised as a poster, and with details below.

Who's Rights Are They Anyway?

Genuine policies are sometimes indistinguishable from parodic policies in satirical TV shows!!

Verum Mendacium

Genuine policies are sometimes indistinguishable from parodic policies in satirical TV shows!!


Two days of hacking prototypes, designs, or artworks themed around the Magna Carta. Come for just one of the days, or for both

It's FREE!!

Yes, that's right. We're not charging for the HackFest, and will even supply you with food and drinks!!

Bring your own machine

We'll have a variety of random hardware and peripherals for you, but make sure to bring your own laptop.

Sleeping in Real Beds!!

Hacking all night is fun, but perhaps you want to hang out a bit, and also be able to attend the rest of the conference ...

How to Register for the Hackfest

email - or - raise issue - or - fork and pull request

email - the easiest way!!

The link above with populate an email appropriately, but if you prefer the manual approach read below

Email bhci2015hackfest@gmail.com with the details below:

raise an issue - easy if you have a github account!!

The link above with populate a new issue for you, but if you prefer the manual approach read below

Provide details below at https://github.com/lincolnSocialComputing/british-hci2015-hackfest/issues/new

  • main details:

    • photo (attach, 225x225);
    • name;
    • tagline;
    • institution;
    • institution url;
    • institution logo;
    • personal website;
    • biography (100-200 words)
  • optional social media urls:

    • github username;
    • facebook id;
    • twitter handle;
    • linkedin id
  • any other notes, such as:

    • "I'll only be coming for the Monday as I'm involved in the Doctoral Networking Day (Tuesday, July 14th 2015)"


Register now to join in - Email us, raise an issue, or fork and send a pull request

James Brown

An "insane" game designer

Connie Golsteijn

Hybrid thinkering

Amy Guy

Indieweb all the things

Ian G Johnson

Hack to the future

Julie Johnson


Jan Kučera

Digital Civics and stuff

Matthew Marshall

... code and stuff

Sebastian Mellor

ResViz and stuff

Sam Sharp

Part time troublemaker, full time dreamer

John Shearer

Just playing around

Angelika Strohmayer

colour outside the lines

Sue Swinburne

Antipodean documentary-maker

Alexander Wilson

Please insert caffeine!

Gavin Wood

Creative Exchange and stuff


You can come on Monday OR Tuesday OR both. We know you may have other things on.

  • Monday July 13th 2015 - 10:00

    Coffee and mingling

    Get to know each other. Perhaps bounce some ideas around.

  • Monday 10:30


    What the Hack this is all about. How we'll run the days? etc.

  • Monday 11:00


    Throwing ideas around? Coming up with projects and specific themes?

  • Monday 12:30


    Lunch Lunch Lunch

  • Monday 13:00

    Grouping and start ofHacking!!

    Choose which project you want to work, and enough other people want to work and, and get cracking

  • Monday 16:00


    Take a break. Have a look are how other teams are doing. Switch teams if you want. Nothing is set in stone (or written on 800 year old parchment ...)

  • Monday 16:30


    Get back into it

  • Monday 18:30

    Food!! Dinner nibbles

    Yum Yum Yum!

  • Monday 20:00

    STOP!! and socialise

    Don't be Macho - stop, have a break, talk to people, get a good night's sleep, be functional the next day :-)

    Tie up loose ends if you're doing other things on Tuesday

  • Tuesday July 14th 2015 10:00

    Continue, or join if you couldn't make day 1

    talk, type, hack, hiccup, prototype, prattle, create, chat, embue, enjoy

  • Tuesday 12:30


    Lunch Lunch Lunch

  • Tuesday 16:00

    Last hour!!

    3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

  • Tuesday 17:00

    Finish and judging and PRIZES


How to find us

Lab C, MC3205, 3rd Floor, MHT Building, University of Lincoln, UK